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BSC adopts new book rules

The Board of Trustees at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) has approved the adoption of a new 'Book of Rules' that governs the operations of the Balkan Studies Center (BSC).

The newly approved 'Book of Rules' provides a comprehensive framework for the future activities and initiatives of BSC. It outlines the Center's mission, structure, objectives, and functions, and includes guidelines for academic and research programs, governance, as well as collaboration with national and international partners.

As part of our ongoing efforts to evolve and strengthen our brand, we have introduced a new logo that will now represent our Center.

Established in 2014 at the International University of Sarajevo, the Balkan Studies Center focuses on a wide range of interdisciplinary studies related to the Balkans, encompassing areas such as foreign policy, politics, security, geopolitics, political economy, integrations, history, culture, and societal dynamics.


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