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BSC visiting scholar program

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Visiting Researcher Program at the Balkan Studies Center

Balkan Studies Center (BSC) encourages academic researchers including visiting scholars, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral candidates to apply for Visiting Researcher Program. BSC accepts applications throughout the year and review them on a rolling basis as received. However, BSC prefers visiting researchers to apply during the Fall (October to January) and the Spring (February to July) semesters. We support all applicants with external grants to conduct their research in social sciences and humanities. 

The complete application should be submitted to BSC and upon its review, the prospective researcher will be notified at least two weeks after the reception of the request. All applicants must submit a cover letter (why you want to participate in the BSC visiting researcher program), CV, and a research proposal (outline of the proposed research project). Please send applications and inquiries to

The proposed application should meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must have a doctoral degree or should have completed most of his/her coursework;
  2. The applicant must have a good working knowledge of English;
  3. The applicant is in the field of social sciences and humanities;
  4. Applicant’s research proposal and/or letter of intention;
  5. Preference is given to applicants who research the Balkans-related topics;
  6. Ability to conduct his/her own independent research; and
  7. A possibility of presenting their research at BSC during his/her stay.

The visiting researchers are asked to:

  1. acknowledge IUS/BSC in their publications that they publish as a result of their research at BSC;
  2. manage their own housing and accommodation during their stay at BSC; 
  3. write two columns for the Balkan Studies Center website; and 
  4. deliver visiting lectures, participate in panels and workshops that are organized by BSC (such duties will not exceed 10% of their allocated time at BSC)


The visiting appointments at the Center do not confer employee or worker status.

The visiting researchers have to obey the Center’s rules and the Code of Ethics of the University.

Health insurance is mandatory for all visiting scholar. 


For any additional information on the Visiting Researcher Program contact Dr. Hamza Preljević, Coordinator of the Balkan Studies Center (BSC), at 


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