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Chinese Ambassador H.E. Ji Ping Explores Partnerships with IUS

On the 20th of September 2023, the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) had the honor of hosting the distinguished Chinese Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E. Ji Ping.  Ambassador Ji Ping's visit was a testament to the deepening ties between China and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a particular focus on education and collaboration.

The visit commenced with Ambassador Ji Ping delivering a lecture at the Summer School on Diplomacy which is taking part at IUS campus throughout the week - a gathering of young minds eager to delve into the world of diplomacy and international relations.

Following the lecture, Ambassador Ji Ping was warmly received by the IUS Vice-Rector for General Affairs, Associate Professor Muhammed Yasir Goz, the IUS Balkan Studies Centre Coordinator, Dr. Hamza Preljević and the University Communications Manager Ms. Velida Handžić-Mirica. The discussions that ensued were marked by enthusiasm and a shared vision for future cooperation between China and the International University of Sarajevo.

One of the primary topics of discussion was the potential for collaboration in multiple domains, including Balkan studies, diplomacy, technology, and innovations. Both parties expressed their commitment to fostering partnerships not only between the IUS and Chinese universities but also with enterprises, think-tanks, and institutions from both nations. The goal is to initiate joint projects, facilitate student and staff exchanges, and promote a robust academic and cultural exchange.

The visit of Ambassador Ji Ping underscores the importance of international collaboration in today's interconnected world. As a hub of academic excellence, IUS is eager to continue its efforts to build bridges between cultures and nations, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

This promising visit sets the stage for a bright future of cooperation and mutual understanding between China and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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