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IUS and Sarajevo Memorial Center Forge a Path in Education and Research

IUS and Sarajevo Memorial Center Forge a Path in Education and Research

Representatives of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) recently visited Dr. Ahmed Kulanić, the director of the Sarajevo Memorial Center, marking a significant progress in institutional collaboration. Assoc. Prof. Muhammed Yasir Göz, Vice-Rector for General Affairs at IUS, and Dr. Hamza Preljević, Director of the Center for Balkan Studies (BSC), emphasized the potential for fruitful cooperation in education, scientific endeavors, and research initiatives.

Possible joint activities were highlighted during the meeting, emphasizing mutual benefit and progress in various fields. One significant aspect of the partnership involves facilitating workshops, conferences, and scientific gatherings to encourage knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary discourse. Moreover, this collaboration aims to provide opportunities for IUS students to engage in volunteering, internships, and experiential learning at the Sarajevo Memorial Center.

The synergy between IUS and the Sarajevo Memorial Center has the potential to catalyze transformative initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on education, memory, and collective understanding.


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