The center will recommend policy advises to the Bosnian governments, parliamentarians, politicians and bureaucrats in the fields of politics, culture, international relations and economics.

The center will publish a bulletin in the form of an academic periodical open to contributions of the Balkan experts worldwide. Bulletin copies will also be distributed to members of the Bosnian parliamentas well as leading politicians and bureaucrats.

The center will also publish selected M.A. theses and Ph.D. dissertations produced at IUS or other Bosnian universities. Besides, it will also accept manuscripts of works on the Balkans for considering them for publication.

The center will also organize or support activities towards a healthy acquaintance and interaction of the youth from all the Balkan countries. These will be done by encouraging student exchanges among regional universities and organizing summer camps in various Balkan countries.

The professors will encourage successful and promising students at IUS to conduct M.A. or Ph.D. researches concerning politics, economics, history and culture of the Balkans. At IUS where the medium of instruction is English, Bosnian and Turkish students are already encouraged to learn each other’s languages. Besides, distinguished students from other universities in Bosnia and other Balkan countries will be given scholarships in order to attract them to the center. The added advantage of having students from Balkan countries is that they already know at least one and often more than one Balkan language. This will enable them to conduct researches in regional languages in addition to English.