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Balkan Studies Center


Our objectives are to:

  • Support scholarly contributions, research and development in order to create a platform for local, regional and international scholars and researchers;
  • Enhance research and policy-analysis in the field of foreign policy and international relations;
  • Integrate and network scientists, academicians and policy-makers whose narrow specialization is in the Balkan studies;
  • Organize lectures, workshops, seminars, symposiums, round-table discussions and conferences with an aim to create scientific and educational platform for the Balkan study and research;
  • Foster political culture, democratic values, tolerance, human rights, regional cooperation and Balkan common heritage;
  • Establish cooperation with policy centers, institutions and universities in order to promote Balkan history, culture and common values;
  • Promote the culture of peace, tolerance and understanding among all Balkan states by taking into consideration Balkan multiethnic, multi-religious and multicultural features;
  • Carry out research on genocide, war crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and processing of war crimes;
  • Conduct quality research projects in the field of history, political economy, culture, literature, arts and architecture, foreign policy and security in the Balkans;
  • Publish research projects, policy papers and the scientific journal;
  • Offer short courses, workshops and lectures to students and young leaders to enhance their social responsibility and leadership knowledge and skills.

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