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BSC Hosts Panel on BiH 2022 General Elections – Analysis and Glimpse of Future Political Change

Following the 2022 General Elections that were held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 2, IUS Balkans Studies Centre organized a panel discussion titled „2022 General Election Results and Analysis: A Glimpse of Future Political Change“. The panel was designed for students of Political Science and International Relations study programs to gain more knowledge about the BiH political system, political participation and implications of 2022 Election results.

The event was moderated by the Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Manager of the Balkan Studies Centre, Prof. Dr. Muhidin Mulalić who introduced the panellists, Associate Professor Dr. Mirsad Karić and Assistant Professor Dr. Jahja Muhasilović. Prof. Mulalić noted that such a scholarly panel represents a civic responsibility as it not only presents the election results, but it also analyses the implications of the elections in the context of their integrity, transparency and fairness. He underlined that the attendees will have an opportunity to learn from the panellists how the government is structured and to foresee, following the official publishing and implementation of the election results, will there be any political, social and economic transformations on all levels of authority in BiH.


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