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TRTWorld Correspondent Aksel Zaimović Delivers Lecture on Challenges of New Models of Broadcasting from the Aspect of International Security

Senior Producer, International Broadcaster and Correspondent at TRTWorld Istanbul, Mr. Aksel Zaimović held a lecture to the students of the International Relations study program at IUS on Monday, May 16, 2022. The lecture titled “Challenges of the New Models of Broadcasting from the Aspect of International Security” overviewed the traits of journalism and broadcasting in the modern era.

The initial part of the lecture focused on theoretical aspects of news presentation - what makes some information become news and what are the news values. Furthermore, Mr. Zaimović, portrayed the news production process underlining the inputs and the outputs within the newsroom.

The second part of the presentation underlined how the models of broadcasting have changed over time. He stressed that the emergence of 24-hour news channels have not only provided the audience with more frequent and detailed news presentation but have also created the “CNN effect” whereby, continuous reporting with dramatic and/or real-time images have influenced global policy makers to react pinpointing to the case of the Bosnian war in the 90’s which at the time became the most widely covered conflict in history. However, this “CNN effect” has now been overtaken by the influx of social media and its relevance is under question due to a surge in fake news and misinformation.

The final part of the lecture were case studies of various forms of reporting from conflict areas spanning from the Arab Spring revolution in Egypt to the war in Syria and the current aggression in Ukraine. The students were very interested to hear Mr. Zaimović’s personal experiences as a war journalist in Syria and recently about his reporting from the Ukrainian/Polish border on the refugee crisis.


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